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UV-offset printing

The UV-offset printing process is suitable for different types of paper and plastic materials. In general, this process is best-suited for all applications that require high-quality and fast post-processing. UV-offset printing has the impact to create the intended effects and deliver the desired results. There are many examples of products printed by UV-offset technology.


Various possibilities:

  • • printing on non-absorptive materials which are not compatible to other print techniques, due to their surface features: plastic sheets, films, special finishing, metallized and pattern finishing surfaces;
  • • large range of print varnishing possibilities: various gloss effects, matt, silk, very glossy, part and Twin‐effect varnishing, pearl, metallized varnish, etc.;
  • • advantages of UV print: resistance to sun rays (surface do not discolour), temperatures, scratches;
  • • UV inks and varnishes dries immediately (as the sheet passes under the light) and printed production is ready for finishing;
  • • UV inks are environmentally friendly – UV printing inks do not use solvents and produce lower emissions than conventional inks; 
  • • 3D printing which creates a sense of 3 dimensional figures or movement (lenticular printing).

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