Sheet-fed labels

Label is a small piece of paper or plastic which contains essential information about the product. Sheet-fed labels are used in clothing, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, tobacco, and many other industries. This classic labeling method is common for most products. It is also efficient for large quantities. Sheet-fed labels are printed by using offset printing.


Sheet-fed labels are printed: 

  • • on the label paper;
  • • on the metallic paper;
  • • on the sticky paper;
  • • on the self-adhesive film;
  • • on the plastic.


Print finishing for sheet-fed labels: 

  • • print finishing with different varnishes including various additives (offset, dispersive, UV, spot UV, Twin-effect, pearl, Soft touch varnishes and  varnishes with smell, with glitter, etc.);
  • • hot foiling (gold, silver, etc.);
  • • embossing and engraving;
  • • lamination with clear and opaque film;
  • • die-cutting, scoring, perforation and hole die-cutting;
  • • numbering.


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